In order to test the acceptability and usefulness of sensor and furniture solutions for users on the autistic spectrum, a demonstration environment was set up in the laboratories of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano. The SENSHOME demonstration room is a reproduction of a typical domestic environment, i.e. the entrance area, kitchen with dining room and living room. The environment is furnished with furniture incorporating a network of sensors and constituting a passive monitoring system capable of identifying and notifying recognition of potentially stressful events for the occupants. The use of this monitoring system aims to increase the safety, autonomy and independence of the occupants while preserving their privacy. At the same time, the system lightens the workload for carers and parents.

The setting up of the demonstration environment will allow the functioning of the developed solutions to be shown to users on the autistic spectrum, operators and parents, who will have the opportunity to interact with the SENSHOME system and provide their feedback.